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The future belongs to renewable energy solutions and energy efficiency

Our motto:
Save money by using renewable local energy sources and intelligent energy efficient heating and cooling solutions.

We are the distributor of clean non-polluting wood stoves/wood boilers and solar generated power solutions and Energy Audits located in Nova Scotia for customers allover Canada and we help our customers reducing their energy costs with Energy Audits.

In our product range you will find wood stoves wood boilers, solar space heating systems, solar domestic hot water systems, individual solutions and requirements, storage tanks as well as power producing PV Systems.

We offer microCHP systems which generate heat and power on demand with different fuels like Diesel, LPG or NG or also VO, WVO, Biodiesel, Biogas and Wood-gas.


Change your view - reconsider!

  • There are no energy sources working in power and temperature on the line of our demand
  • Power production and energy conversion without a storage do not exist in the nature
  • Use several energy sources
  • We use solar energy for domestic hot water and space heating
  • Be able to change the energy source according to market situation
  • Use a cost-efficient heating system which we can enlarge by our wishes

If you would like to do the same or more by reducing energy costs we are pleased to meet you.

Our business activities are based on partnership, consulting services and good products.

Reduce your dependency on oil, gas and electricity.

Renewable Energy Projects Canada

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Take a look on our current projects all over Canada.

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Power Strength & Energy Solutions means:
- heating and cooling with system
- more efficiency
- more independence
- more sustainability
- just more future

We keep you updated about coming exhibitions.

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