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Solar systems

We offer intelligent modular and future-proof energy systems for:

- domestic hot water
- solar space heating
- solar hot water systems
- heating solutions
- power supply

Modern technology and our ideas will provide our customers with energy and reduce their energyconsumption. Different storage tanks complete our systems.

Domestic hot water systems
We offer standard solar systems for hot water from 150 500 Liters...

Storage tanks
The time-related fluctuation between supply and demand of energies...

Controlling systems
Our RESOL DeltaSol™ series Solar Heating and Hydronic Controllers...

We provide accessoires from the different product lines.
Please ask for your demand

Flat plate collectors
We sell one of the most powerful flat plate collectors in the world.

Air collectors
Our air collector is manufactured for cabins that are not heated.

Pump stations
We use PAW solar pump modules and heat transfer systems.

Corragated pipes
Therefore the collectors are outside most time on the roof the pipe connection...

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