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Power Strength & Energy Solutions Ltd.

Founded in 2008 we have extended the array of products steadily.
If requested the customer will get also system diagrams and system planning,
Energy Audits and Energy Efficiency Consulting.

We offer the following products

- Solar heating systems
- Flat plate collectors
- Storage tanks (300 – 40,000 Litres)
- Hydronic wood stoves and wood boilers
- PV Systems
- Absorption Refrigeration Systems
- New: microchipCHP systems for combined heat and power
- Pellet and wood chip boiler (up to 990 kW)

business goals for our customers

- saving energy cost
- doing the same or more with less energy consumption
- independence by using local energy sources
- reducing greenhouse gases

Sustainable Balanced Scorecard

The company´s principle is economizing sustainability by using renewable energy and energy efficiency concepts with respect of our existing nature.

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